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Technical Drawing

Technical Details:

  • Load range: 16.000 lbs vertical dynamic wheel load (AASHTO H-20 Loading)
  • Weight: Frame 132 lbs (60 kg), Lid 132 lbs (60kg)
  • Frame + Cover: ductile Iron
  • Safety mechanism hinge stops at 90
  • Integral dampening Insert: Made from Polychloropren
  • Lid (cover) is secure from rotation and any traffic effects
  • Lip seal gasket LKS-GU 21/646:
    Made of Styrol - Butadien - Kautschuk (SBR) ie. Nitril - Butadien - Kautschuk (NBR)


  • Integrated with the Street surface
    SL-GU300 is suited for every phase of road construction (provisional/carry-layer/top-layer). Because of its floating, it does not rest directly on the manhole shaft, therefore traffic damage is avoided.

  • Shaft Load reduction up to 80%
    Minimal surface pressure through effective load dispersion allows for the use of manholes (cones) made of lighter materials (PPR, HDPE, FRP)

  • Savings are realized at future Street resurfacings
    Hassle free adjustment to the frame in case of changes to the street level. (pull up/ fill in/ apply asphalt/ Roll)

  • One of a kind - Sealed throughout vertical manhole adjustment range.
  • Remarkable time and cost reduction
    Whether planned construction is a new installation or a retrofit project..

    The Lid (Cover):

  • The secure self-locking, 3-point mechanism protects against danger from traffic (bouncing or suction effect).

  • Protection from theft or vandalism.

  • The hinge is a single cast piece, and self cleaning

  • Opens to 110 position for inspection..

  • Lift removal and locking position for un-intentional shutting of the lid at 90.