1) Clean GU Boot Bell
2) Install Rubber Boot Connector (per manufacturer's instructions). Wedge style expander bolts must be aligned with "top" of GU Boot Bell.
3) Pre-miter pipe end be as required to predetermined pipe deflection angle. Merely "DE-BURR" pipe end - DO NOT CHAMFER OR BEVEL PIPE END

4) Lubricate spigot; orient pipe miter; slide into Rubber Boot Connector; "home" pipe to GU Base Liner channel end; deflect pipe as required. Inspect manhole base interior for channel / pipe invert alignment and seal; tighten rubber boot pope clamp (per manufacturer's instructions). Secure and back fill with proper material as specified. (NOTE: ALL STUBS AWAITING PIPE INSTALLATION AT A LATER DATE MUST BE RESTRAINED)
5) Check for watertight connection; test in approved method.

The Rubber Boot Connector is mounted in an integrally cast-in-place GU BOOT BELL assembly which is
monolithically bonded to the interior manhole liner and extends to the exterior profile of the precast concrete manhole. The monolithic, continous bell sleeve liner assembly prevents ground water infiltration between the interface of the manhole liner and the precast concrete or around cast-in-concrete mounted connector not in contionous bell sleeve assemblies.